Reinforcing Ironworker – Rodbuster

June 29, 2023
$22 - $28 / hour
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Job Description

Shelby Erectors, Inc. has an amazing opportunity for a skilled Journeyman Reinforcing Ironworker (Rodbuster) to work with a crew at one of the best construction companies in Florida.

At Shelby Erectors, we build more than bridges. We’re building a team of the best reinforcing ironworkers in the industry, and we need experienced rodbusters to join our team. If you appreciate a hard day’s work for a good day’s pay and you’re excited to make a difference, Shelby Erectors is looking for you.

Whether it’s hard-working men and women, people with a tremendous responsibility to each other, team members who are better, because they can be, or amazing people who give a damn, we know who we are and who will make an excellent addition to our team.

There’s plenty of physical labor involved at our construction sites. You’ll be part of the team responsible for tying and placing rebar primarily in bridge structures and highway construction. This work involves pre-tying and setting bridge footings, columns, and pier caps, installing bridge decks, approach slabs, traffic barriers, and roadway barrier walls.

The reinforcing ironworker (rodbuster) will work under the supervision of the foreman and perform the work safely and according to the design drawings. It’s also their responsibility to make sure the job stays on time.

Does this sound like something that interests you? Think you might be the right person to join our team?

Keep reading to find out.

Who We Are NOT Looking For

If you’re under 18 years of age, don’t have your own reliable transportation, you’re scared of heights, or struggle to lift 75 pounds consistently, this isn’t the position for you.

Ironwork experience is not enough. You MUST have rebar experience in the field to qualify for this position.

The rodbusters at Shelby Erectors are fast-paced and love working with others. We respect each other and look out for each other. If you just want to work by yourself and ignore the safety of your crew, then you’ll need to look elsewhere.

At Shelby Erectors, we take training very seriously. Our training is some of the best in the industry. If you don’t believe in training for yourself or developing your craft, this isn’t the position for you.

What We ARE Looking For

It’s our goal at Shelby Erectors that every person on the team can excel in their role, and we provide the tools, time, and resources for it. You still need to take the initiative, and it will be your responsibility to make sure you do.

Do you get excited about learning new things and enjoy growing as part of a team? Do you believe we have a responsibility to look out for each other and make sure every team member goes home safely?

If so, you may just be who we are looking for.

What’s it Like to Work at Shelby Erectors?

Our work is throughout the state of Florida.

At Shelby Erectors, we know who we are and what kind of team we want to build. To succeed in the Reinforcing Ironworker (Rodbuster) role, you’ll need to exemplify the following characteristics:

We’re a hard-working team. The work in the field is difficult. The conditions are hot, the materials are heavy, and at times the work is dangerous. To fit in here, you’ll need to respect the team in the field for the hard work they do. If you like the idea of taking your time and think that the work can wait until tomorrow, you’re likely not a fit for us. But if you want the challenge of showing the rest of the team that you can work as hard as they do, submit your application so we can talk to you.

Every single person on the team has a responsibility to one another. We take care of each other because we know how important it is for our team members to be able to depend on each other. We don’t blame, point fingers, or ignore our responsibilities. If you like the idea of knowing that someone will be there to take care of you and have no problem doing the same, we want to speak with you.

Every team member is always improving and wants to be better, just because they can. We value growth and learning for everyone on the team. We lead our industry in new technology, a paperless work environment, and the use of software to help us automate our business administration. So, if you don’t like learning new ways to do the work or aren’t comfortable using the tools we provide, this may not be a fit for you. On the other hand, if you’re always up for learning something new and improving the way you work, we want to talk to you.

Finally, and most importantly, everyone on our team gives a damn about the quality of the work they complete. It’s not enough to do a good job or to punch a clock to get the hours. The commitment we have to each other, our clients, and our work comes from the core of who we are. Every single person on our team cares more than they should, not because they have to, but because it’s who they are.

Job Requirements

Carrying and positioning heavy steel bars by hand, tying bars at intersections with tie wire.
Bending to tie bars and pick up heavy loads.
Complying with all safety and project rules.
Ability to work in a team in an outdoor construction setting.
Reliable transportation to and from the job site.
Uphold the standards set forth by our core values and purpose.
Carries single or multiple reinforcing bars in 10, 20, 40, or 60-feet lengths alone or as part of a lifting team.
Uses paint and/or keel to mark reinforcing bars for cutting or tying.
Ties pieces of reinforcing bar together using wire and pliers and in-place horizontally for paving or floors, or vertical for columns and walls.


Knowledge of proper and safe use of equipment, materials, and supplies used in heavy construction work.
Minimum of 6 months documented field experience.
Access to basic rod busting tools.
Ability to understand, follow, and transmit written and oral instructions.
Ability to travel and work overtime (may include nights and weekends).
Craft certification or relevant certification with experience.
Capability to load and unload rebar bundles to or from trucks and place them in the final destination as instructed.
Maintains equipment and tools to ensure long-lasting use.
Responsible and accountable for their own personal safety and the safety of all co-workers.
Able to stop work on any task or series of tasks whenever an unsafe condition or situation is anticipated or observed.
Reports any and all violations of applicable laws, regulations, or company policies and procedures promptly.
Performs other related administrative and technical duties as may be assigned or requested by immediate supervision (such as certification training, safety training, procedure review, etc.).


$21.50 – $28.00/hr depending on experience (pay rates above $24.50 require passing the NCCER assessment)
Health benefits after 90 days of employment
401(k) after one year of employment
If you’ve read this far and feel like you’re a good fit for the Shelby Erectors team, fill out the application immediately. We’re quickly filling rodbuster positions at multiple job sites in the Tampa area.

Should your qualifications match the position, you will receive an email from us with further instructions. Make sure to submit a valid email address that you can easily check.

We are only accepting applications for experienced Reinforcing Ironworkers / Rodbusters who are already local to our projects.

Therefore, we are only considering local or relocating applicants, and per diem will not be offered under any circumstances.

Relocation assistance is not available.

If you are applying for this position with minimal experience, enrolling in our Core Training program will be required as a condition of employment. Upon completing Core Training, you will be enrolled in our Ironworker Apprenticeship program, and upon graduating, will be eligible for compensation as a Journeyman Ironworker.
Compensation: $21.50 – $28.00 per hour