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Creating Pathways for Tomorrow’s Workforce Today.

Our community partners bring diverse perspectives, resources, services, and expertise to workforce development initiatives, enhancing their effectiveness and ensuring that they meet the needs of job seekers and employers. Successful collaboration among these stakeholders fosters a holistic approach to workforce development and promotes sustainable economic growth within the communities we serve.

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Community Partner Stories

Want to know what our partners have to say about their experience with Statewide Workforce Development Program?

Featuring: Dr. Karen Barber

Dr. Karen Barber
Superintendent of Schools Santa Rosa County

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Collaborating on workforce development initiatives allows us to address the evolving needs of the job market and ensure individuals have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their careers.

By engaging diverse stakeholders and fostering a collaborative environment, we can create comprehensive, effective, and sustainable programs that address the needs of the workforce and contribute to long-term economic growth. The more our communities rise, the more are workforce rises, and together we will help build brighter futures!

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