Student Programs

Student Programs

The Florida Department of Transportation is working today to tee up tomorrow’s talent for building our state’s roads. Through the Statewide Workforce Development Program, students and young adults will have a host of opportunities to learn about what it takes to build highways that keep Floridians moving – and also explore possible careers in road and bridge construction.


Florida Construction Career Days

Florida high school and technical school students get fun experience with construction equipment, materials and more while learning about possible careers in the road building industry. Students at these local events also get to speak to contractors and other industry veterans to gain more insight into career opportunities.

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Student Construction Internship

Interested in learning new skills and have a can-do attitude? This summer could change your life! The Student Construction Internship can help 16- to 24-year-olds get paid work experience in the road construction industry.

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Student Construction Career Academy

Spend focused time with contractors learning what it takes to build and maintain Florida’s roadways. You’ll find out about possible careers in transportation – and maybe get a lead on a future job in the road and bridge construction industry.