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(*Interns for Jan. 2020 – Nov. 2020)

students trainingThe Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is looking for talented youth today who’re interested in helping to build Florida’s roadways in the future. Through the Statewide Workforce Development Program, students and young adults have a wide range of exciting opportunities to explore careers in the road and bridge construction industry.

As more people visit and move to Florida, the demand for construction workers grows to improve and expand our roadways and bridges. Florida contractors need workers, so now’s the time to learn about the road-construction industry!

A career in road and bridge construction has amazing benefits! Even entry-level jobs and starting wages can put you on track for advancement eventually to more responsible positions and higher salaries.

And there’s nothing like working on a project that makes a difference for your community. One day you may be able to drive down a road and say, “I helped build that!”

Here are some of the fun ways you can learn whether the transportation field could put you on the path to the career you’ve been searching for:

  • Florida Construction Career Days Participation
  • Student Construction Internship
  • Student Construction Career Academy

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ccd logoAre you attending high school or a technical school program?

FDOT’s Statewide Workforce Development Program works with school districts and industry partners each year to participate in the Florida Construction Career Days (CCD) events. These large-scale events give students around the state a sneak-peek into possible future careers in the road building industry.

ccd eventAt CCD, Florida high-school and technical-school students get fun, interactive experience with construction equipment, materials, learning labs, educational displays and more. They’ll find out about careers in road building – an industry that’s essential to providing and improving transportation for Florida residents and visitors. Students at these local, daylong events also get to talk with contractors and other industry veterans.

CCD events occur annually in Central Florida, Tampa, Northeast Florida, Northwest Florida and South Florida. The events are coordinated by the Florida Transportation Builders’ Association and industry partners – the Florida Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration – in conjunction with Florida school districts.

The events can inspire students’ interest in a variety of construction careers. At local events, they’ll “get a feel for the field” by operating machinery, “working” with asphalt and rebar, and other activities. And by participating in CCD, students also could become candidates for the Student Construction Internship and/or the Student Construction Career Academy.

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Want to get paid while also gaining work experience?

Interested in exploring possible careers in road and bridge building?

If so, this program is for you!

The Student Construction Internship provides a paid work experience with some of the leading contractors in the road and bridge construction industry. The program allows students and young adults, ages 16-24, to learn firsthand about entry-level and skilled trades that go into building and maintaining Florida’s roadways.

You will learn about the world of work in the transportation industry. The program connects young adults with contractors who will provide training and mentoring to develop critical work readiness skills – all while exploring road construction as a possible career.

The program begins in June 2020 and lasts six to eight weeks. Students will work a minimum of 24 hours each week and earn $12 per hour. Best of all, the program is free!

To participate in the program, students must meet these requirements:

  • 16 to 24 years old
  • Eligible to work in the United States
  • Able to work outdoors
  • Drug free
  • Able to lift 10-25 lbs.
  • Available for the entire program duration
  • Have reliable transportation

If you’re interested in learning new skills and have a can-do attitude – we want to hear from you!

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The Student Construction Career Academy is an immersive experience for Florida high-school and technical-school students to learn about the paths to possible careers in road and bridge construction. Contractors will use an interactive approach to teach students about industry opportunities, practices, operations and diverse trades and craft skills.

The Academy engages with high schools, vocational-technical schools and community partners to recruit students and young adults to participate.

The program provides school counselor and parent orientation and involvement. This will give school staff and parents information about the construction industry, including options and opportunities available to their youngsters.

The Construction Career Academy offers work readiness and life skills. Don’t miss your chance to be one of Florida’s talented future workers on our growing highway system!

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