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Industry Leader Videos

Caroline Sharp,
FDOT Supervisor – Heavy Equipment Operator

Tyler Mixon,
Synergy Equipment

Jenna Peterson,
Field Engineer, Superior Construction

Scott Pittman,
Vice President,
Ajax Paving

Carrie Stainbridge,
P.E., FDOT District 2 Construction Engineer

Penny Danielecki,
Technical Sales Corporation

Here are the top 10 reasons to work in Florida’s road and bridge construction industry:

1) Workers Wanted: Contractors Hiring Now
Florida is growing, so road construction jobs are plentiful and hard-working employees – entry-level and experienced – are in high demand.

2) Find a career – not just a job
Hard work and can-do attitudes mean even entry-level positions can get you on a path to advance towards a rewarding career.

3) Earn competitive wages and benefits
Entry-level wages today could set you on the road to higher pay – and benefits – in the future.

4) Enjoy job security
Florida’s mild climate means our many road projects need workers year-round.

5) Work as part of a team
As part of a road construction crew, you’ll learn how to work closely with others to build much-needed roadway and bridge improvements.

6) Experience the outdoors
With many jobs in roadway construction, you’ll work outdoors rather than being stuck in an offi­ce all day.

7) Grow the skills you know – and learn new ones
Whether you’re an entry-level jobseeker or an experienced worker, the road construction industry offers opportunities to enhance your skills – and to learn new ones.

8) Become tech-savvy
Construction projects increasingly rely on more advanced technology, giving workers a chance to grow and test their tech skills.

9) Gain a sense of accomplishment
In road construction, you’ll work to create a finished product that people will see and use for years to come.

10) Pay it forward – or give something back
The road construction industry offers a chance to improve travel in your community, as well as our state, one project at a time.

Interview Preparation & Tips to improve your chances at landing the job:

  • Demonstrate confidence: stand straight, always making eye contact. First impression can be a great beginning or quick ending to your interview.
  • Be aware of inappropriate slang words or references to age, race, religion, politics, or sexual orientation. No foul language, even if the interviewer uses profanity do not engage.
  • Dress to impress. It is important to show confidence and know what to wear for your interview and very important to be well-groomed.
  • Good communication skills are key. Listen from the very beginning of the interview, your interviewer is giving you information, either directly or indirectly.  Never interrupt.
  • Telling the interviewer more than they need to know could be a fatal mistake. Research the company and their positions, let the interviewer know you did your homework.
  • Attitude plays a key role, do not be cocky. Professionalism, and modesty can always be part of a great performance to demonstrate your ability. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Behavioral questions are “an example in which you went above and beyond…” Tell me how you were a team player…” for past experiences.  Do not miss the opportunity to impress. Quantify your achievements.
  • Always remember and reflect the three Cs during the interview: cool, calm, and confident. Sell yourself.

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