Frequently Asked Questions
About Careers in Florida’s Road and Bridge Construction

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I’m graduating high school or technical institute, why should I consider a career in road and bridge construction?

  • Jobs in road and bridge construction allow you to learn a wide variety of skills and may provide the opportunity to work in various locations.
  • It’s the type of work that provides job stability and career progression and when working in the field that role is not a desk job.
  • Road and bridge construction work is very rewarding and satisfying as you see the fruits of your labor all around you. The work you do lasts a lifetime and contributes to the betterment of the community and is an important part of a growing economy.

I don’t have any training, what kind of jobs can I do in road and bridge construction?

  • Not a problem as you can receive training on the job.
  • Without experience, your first role will likely be as a general laborer on a crew. There are many opportunities to progress and develop your road and bridge career.
  • Due to the demand in the industry, best-in-class training is available to allow you to take on different career positions. As your skills develop and you receive more training, and you prove you’re a reliable crew member, doors will be opened for you to take on a variety of roles, including management and leadership positions. Some of the top earning individuals in the road and bridge construction industry started their career as a laborer.

How much money will I make?

  • Road and bridge construction roles will vary with a starting wage of up to $25/hour.
  • Salary increases occur as you actively develop new skills, some of which may be through on-the-job training and other experiences.
  • With hard work and career progression comes the ability to earn a better income. In addition, there are health benefits, and some employers provide 401K investment contributions and options.

Is a career in road and bridge construction stable?

  • Yes, the road and bridge construction industry has been stable, and it continues to expand, and contractors are always looking for workers.

Is technology used in the road and bridge construction?

  • Yes, technology automation and innovation in the industry has led to even more jobs as skilled workers are needed to operate these new pieces of technology and equipment. You can build a very successful and rewarding career in the road and bridge construction industry, you won’t be bored!

What are the working conditions like?

  • In most roles an employee will actively work outdoors.
  • Also, depending on the company, an employee may have opportunities to work in various counties and states.
  • The employee will work as part of a team and will have the opportunity to work with people who have a variety of backgrounds and personalities.
  • These teams will become the employee’s work-family and will be there to help support your career growth and progression.

Is road and bridge construction work safe?

  • Safety is the number one priority with any construction company and worksite. And training is provided so employees follow proper protocols including use of equipment which ensures all employees on the construction site can be safe.
  • Employers provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the employee and some other tools and training to keep the employee safe.

Do I need to have any technical certifications to work in the road and bridge construction industry?

  • There are certain jobs that require certification to be able to perform, like drivers, welders, etc. However, many of those certifications are supported and paid for by the employer as part of their training programs.
  • Additionally, many companies also offer tuition reimbursement if you want to continue your education while you are working, and several positions do not require certifications or degrees.

Road and bridge construction sounds interesting, but I’m not sure about working on field crews. Are there other types of jobs available?

  • Like any other business, there are specific jobs on the construction site to be considered, as well as working in the field and headquarter offices.
  • An example of field office positions may include estimating; compliance specialist; accounting and finance; human resources; information technology; administration; equipment management; audit; legal; marketing; and communications. Many of the office positions require degrees in their respective fields.

Is there ever an opportunity to travel in your industry?

  • Many companies have divisions throughout the U.S., and the various projects in different states may provide this potential opportunities.
  • However, first you will need to establish your skillset, and the employer’s leadership will likely identify opportunities to work on projects in other states or regions within Florida (While there are no guarantees, experienced employees can often enjoy assignments outside of their home state).

Are there specific times of the year that I need to worry about not having work?

  • In Florida, due to the climate, there is generally no slow-down in the wintertime.
  • There are some exceptions for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays as there may be directives by the Florida Department of Transportation or local governments to pause work to ensure greater safety due to high volumes of travelers/vehicles on the roadways during those holidays.
  • There can always be delays during rain and hurricane seasons, but those natural events generally do not cause significant delays or time off.

What happens if another pandemic hits? Will you have to layoff employees?

  • The road and bridge construction industry in Florida did not slow down or lose any time on project construction when the COVID-19 Pandemic occurred.
  • The industry has always been, and will continue to be, “essential” to the transportation operations of local, state, and federal governments, and is often identified as a high priority for private-sector industries who rely on commerce to transport supplies and workers as well.

How can I learn more about getting started and employed in Florida’s road and bridge industry?

  • There are several convenient ways to connect with the Statewide Workforce Development Program team. 

For one-to-one assistance: